Pasqualino Spadorcia Will Design Your Boston Kitchen Remodel

Pasqualino Spadorcia

May 1, 2021

Pasqualino Spadorcia Will Design Your Boston Kitchen Remodel

Pasqualino Spadorcia is well- acquainted with Boston design elements.

When you think of New England design you think of nautical elements as well as colonial themes. These style elements are present throughout the entire dwelling but take special place in the kitchen. Due to its settlement by the Shakers during pre-colonial times, Boston retains a sparse, non-gilded traditional style. Elements such as natural, simple wood flooring is part and parcel of the style. Shiplap is used throughout the home and is welcome in the kitchen remodel as well.

These nautical and colonial themes run through the kitchen in both color and style elements. Pale blues along with neutral beiges with the occasional pop of red color are key components of this style. Pasqualino Spadorcia understands that the kitchen is the heart of the home. It should definitely tie in with the other design choices throughout. If you’re thinking of designing your new Boston kitchen it’s important to sit down with an expert in the field like this experienced gentlemen.

Medford, Massachusetts-based, Pasqualino Spadorcia makes you the center of your design. Very personalized customer service is at the root of his 20-year business. Chances are you may be remodeling your kitchen only once. So it’s imperative that you and the professionals you chose get it right the first time. This licensed contractor and owner of Design Concepts Pro Contractors decided to open his own business over 20 years ago. The kitchen remodel is a huge part of this business.

Many Boston older Boston homes feature galley kitchens. This ties in with the simple styling of colonial times. Kitchens served their function primarily for cooking. Dining took place in another area of the home. Many older Boston residences feature a small kitchen in the back of the home. These challenges are Pasqualino Spadorcia’s specialty. With your help he can design a renovation which takes a tucked away kitchen and turns it into the open concept focal point of the home, including entertaining spaces as well as cooking utility.

There are many things that distinguish contractor, Pasqualino Spadorcia from his competitors. He has a passion for what he does. He has been in the contracting business his entire life. In addition to holding a home-improvement contractor license, Pasqualino Spadorcia learned many aspects of his craft through his desire for perfection. His tenure dates back to 1994 when he began working in the trades as a carpenter, and drywall painter with specialties in artistic painting and marbleizing walls with gold leafing. He did all of this while attending school to learn about all the different trades.

Though he has a hands-on, well-rounded approach to contracting, Pasqualino Spadorcia also has a handle on new technological advances to the trade that make home renovating easier. His education at Wentworth Technical in Boston included a study of international codes, state codes, and city codes. He also understands through his extensive education about the aspects of framing, drafting blueprints on AutoCAD as well as the technology involved in kitchens and bathrooms. Your Boston kitchen remodel is in good hands with Design Concepts Pro Contractors.