Pasqualino Spadorcia Takes Home Improvement Jobs to the Next Level

Pasqualino Spadorcia

March 31, 2021

Home Improvement Jobs to the Next Level

“Where’s the heart of your home?” This is exactly what the well-known and highly-skilled owner of Design Concepts Pro, Pasqualino Spadorcia, wants you to think about. With a specialization in kitchen remodeling, Pasqualina Spadorcia has established himself as one of Boston, MA’s, top and most elite home improvement contractors. But when it comes to kitchen remodeling, there’s a lot more that goes on than many think. And if you think the kitchen is at the heart of your home, then tips from a premier kitchen remodeling specialist are exactly what you need and Pasqualino Spadorcia is here to share them.

Knowing your kitchen’s identity is key

One of the best ways to begin a kitchen remodel is to establish a persona for it, or as many kitchen specialists would say, you must give it an identity. Pasqualino Spadorcia agrees with others who say it’s key to decide what look your kitchen will most accommodate. To establish an identity for your kitchen, you’ll need to take a look at when it was built and the original design of the kitchen. From there, you can decide whether it most accommodates a contemporary cook space, a more humble, modern country look, or something more like a ranch-style kitchen.

Try to keep plumbing in its place

One of the most expensive parts of a home improvement or remodeling project is the cost of moving walls and various structures around to accommodate new and existing plumbing. Pasqualino Spadorcia says when you can avoid moving the plumbing, you, of course, eliminate this costly expense. In addition to moving water lines, adding or redoing existing plumbing often requires moving gas lines as well. This can make the cost of redoing plumbing all the more expensive and burdening to a kitchen remodeling budget. If you’re doing a kitchen remodel in an older home, Pasqualino Spadorcia says the total cost of redoing plumbing can be even more detrimental to the dollar count in your budget. To keep more cash in your pocket, it’s generally best to work from existing plumbing and gas lines.

Always keep your cabinets, if possible

Pasqualino Spadorcia also says it’s best to keep your cabinets when doing a kitchen remodel and to have them refurbished if they are in bad shape. Most cabinets, he says, are salvageable unless there just absolutely damaged. Keeping cabinets in the same place is also another way to save money on a kitchen remodel and to ensure the project goes as smoothly as possible.