Pasqualino Spadorcia Discusses Why You Should Consider Remodeling Outdated Bathrooms

Pasqualino Spadorcia

December 21, 2020

Pasqualino Spadorcia recently discussed reasons why you should consider remodeling your outdated bathroom.

Your old outdated bathroom may be an eyesore, but it could be causing more harm in your home than just that. Kitchen and bathroom designer and renovator Pasqualino Spadorcia recently discussed several reasons why it my be time to remodel your outdated bathrooms.

“Remodeling outdated spaces in your home almost always works to your benefits,” Pasqualino Spadorcia said. “Bathrooms are generally quick, easy, and affordable remodels, and they can make a major impact on the functionality and appearance of your home.”

Pasqualino Spadorcia explained that many people renovate their bathrooms because it can increase sale value. He stated that bathrooms tend to age more quickly than other areas of the home because of the almost constant moisture. Pasqualino Spadorcia explained that a bathroom that is in good condition with modern features can raise the value of a home, while one that is outdated can cause buyers to look elsewhere.

However, Pasqualino Spadorcia stated that remodeling a bathroom isn’t only about aesthetics. Updating your bathroom can help reduce safety issues. Pasqualino Spadorcia suggested replacing slippery tiles with texture ones and ensuring that no broken tiles exist. Even more, water leakages in outdated bathrooms can cause the walls to hold water and make the floor slippery, which can lead to health issues among family members.

“Similarly, remodeling an outdated bathroom will help you resolve any plumbing issues you may be having there,” Pasqualino Spadorcia said. “If you’re experiencing repeated plumbing issues in a single bathroom, it’s probably time to remodel.”

Pasqualino Spadorcia explained that it’s not uncommon to call a plumber for a small fix in a problem bathroom then to call them again a few days later to fix another issues. He stated that this is a sure time it’s time to remodel your bathroom and update your plumbing systems there. Proper plumbing can also help prevent the health issues caused by moisture and mold.

“Renovating your bathroom could actually save you money,” Pasqualino Spadorcia said. “Sure, you’ll put some money in up-front, but a more sustainable bathroom can save you money over time.”

Pasqualino Spadorcia explained that in addition to the money you’ll save by not having to hire a plumber on a regular basis, you can save big by choosing more energy-efficient bathroom items. He explained that a more efficient bathroom, with updated toilets, fixtures, and plumbing, can save you money on your electric bill and improve environmental sustainability.

“To me, renovating an old bathroom is a no-brainer,” Pasqualino Spadorcia said. “The amount of money you put in is well worth the improved aesthetic, higher home value, increased safety, and energy savings.”