Pasqualino Spadorcia Discusses Tips for Designing Your Dream Kitchen

Pasqualino Spadorcia

January 8, 2021

Pasqualino Spadorcia Discusses Tips for Designing Your Dream Kitchen

Renovator Pasqualino Spadorcia recently offered his top tips for designing your dream kitchen.

The kitchen is the focal point of many homes. Of course, it’s where you do your cooking, but it’s also a place where many memories are made with family and friends. Renovator Pasqualino Spadorcia recently explained that having the kitchen of your dreams doesn’t have to be a far-fetched concept. He offered his top tips for designing and renovating your dream kitchen.

“A number of details that seem extremely small can drastically improve the way your kitchen looks and functions,” Pasqualino Spadorcia said. “Walkways, the microwave height, and proper traffic flow all can have a major impact on how much you enjoy your kitchen.”

Pasqualino Spadorcia has been renovating kitchens and bathrooms in the Boston area for decades. He explained that whether you have unlimited space or limited space, ensuring your kitchen is functional is the most important part of the redesign. He explained that walkways should always be convenient and reduce suffocation in the space. Pasqualino Spadorcia suggested a 42-inch walkway for one-person cooking areas and a 48-inch walkway for a two-cook area. Traditional paths through the kitchen should be at least 36 inches wide.

Pasqualino Spadorcia added that traffic flow is another important part of creating wider and more convenient walkways. The kitchen is an extremely active area, so you want to allow enough space for someone to access the water dispenser or refrigerator while you’re cooking or vice versa. The refrigerator should be in an area that’s convenient for those cooking and those just passing through.

“Microwave height is something many people think is trivial, but if you use the microwave often, you’ll find its height very important,” Pasqualino Spadorcia said. “An installed microwave will save a lot of space on your countertop while improving the aesthetic of your kitchen. Choose a height that’s comfortable for you, or if you have kids, be sure to consider their use of the appliance as well.”

Pasqualino Spadorcia finished by emphasizing the importance of avoiding overwhelming or overcrowded designs. You may see a kitchen in a showroom that you love, but the design may not be as functional as you need. Pasqualino Spadorcia suggested not going all out with the fanciest items for every aspect of your kitchen, as the space can be more comfortable and welcoming with calmer and quieter details.

“Choose a focal point in your kitchen where you want or need high-end items and extra frills,” Pasqualino Spadorcia said. “Then complement that area with quieter details throughout the rest of the kitchen.”

Pasqualino Spadorcia explained that an experienced kitchen designer like himself can help you transform any space into your dream kitchen.