Kitchen Remodeling Advice from Realtors Per Pasqualino Spadorcia

Pasqualino Spadorcia

May 9, 2021

Kitchen Remodeling Advice from Realtors Per Pasqualino Spadorcia

Talking to real estate professionals prior to remodeling your home can keep you from making costly mistakes, according to Pasqualino Spadorcia, a licensed contractor in MA.

Pasqualino Spadorcia, a licensed home improvement contractor in Massachusetts, sat down with local realtors. They discussed what room buyers paid the most attention to. Overwhelmingly, the kitchen came up among the top three rooms that could make or break a sale.

If you plan on living in your home for the next few years before selling, remodeling your kitchen makes sense. You can enjoy the new features now and recoup some of your remodeling expenses. According to real estate professionals, it can help you sell your home faster too!

Pasqualino Spadorcia Shares Kitchen Remodel Advice From Realtors

Real estate agents suggest remodeling your home a few years before you plan to sell it. If you’re doing the remodel to get a better sales price, use good materials and professional installation while sticking to a budget. Otherwise, you could end up spending more than you’ll make on the sale. Learn how to get the most bang for your buck from tips Pasqualino Spadorcia gathered from real estate agents.

Kitchen Remodel Tips From Pasqualino Spadorcia and Real Estate Professionals

Here are some tips gathered from licensed real estate professionals regarding your kitchen remodel:

  • Keep paint color classy with neutral shades that put the spotlight on features you’ve added not your favorite color. White might accentuate clean lines, but it also shows off every piece of dirt. That’s bad news for showings and requires extra maintenance when you want to sell. As an experienced remodeler, Pasqualino Spadorcia agrees with staying away from shocking colors that will scare off buyers.
  • Open floor plans sell. If your budget allows for a change in layout, consider knocking down a wall or two in an older home. Costs vary ($2,500 to $30,000) depending on the layout of your home and whether you need to shore up a weight-bearing wall prior to opening up the floor plan. Get several estimates prior to making decision on this potentially expensive change, suggests Pasqualino Spadorcia.
  • Make the new kitchen convenient. Turn useless space into extra drawers and storage, consider a pull-out pantry or put in a Lazy Susan for easy-access corner cabinets. You can also add recessed task lighting under cabinets too illuminate work areas. Your realtor can use all of these extra features to grab buyers’ attention.
  • Choose modern cabinetry with universal appeal. Buying new cabinetry takes up a good portion of your kitchen remodel budget, says Pasqualino Spadorcia. Therefore, it’s important to make this expense count by sticking to beautiful, contemporary styles with modern appeal buyers love. Additionally, lighter colors make a room look larger, while darker colors can make it seem smaller, according to Pasqualino Spadorcia.
  • Installing new floors can bust your budget. However, if you have worn, stained flooring, in a new kitchen remodel, it may not make the impact you want on potential buyers. Hardwood, laminate and bamboo are all sustainable materials that can save you money.

Pasqualino Spadorcia helps homeowners design and build kitchens that make life better with every meal prepared.