7 Tips From Pasqualino Spadorcia For Your Kitchen Remodel

Pasqualino Spadorcia

March 22, 2021

7 Tips From Pasqualino Spadorcia For Your Kitchen Remodel

“Eating in” has never been more on-trend.

Locked inside during the pandemic, takeout wasn’t an option. More and more families are cooking at home.

With all this time at home, upgrades became a necessity.

Kitchen remodels can add enjoyment, function, and (most importantly) value to your home.

Follow these seven steps from Pasqualino Spadorcia, owner of Design Concepts Pro, to build your dream kitchen.

Have a plan.

Before swinging a hammer, you need to nail down the details.

Set a budget. This financial plan should drive every decision. You’re less likely to overspend if fixtures and appliances are chosen upfront.

In addition to cost, plan the layout. Consider function and traffic patterns. Measure dimensions to make sure you’ll have the space to achieve your dream kitchen.

Finally, prepare for not having a kitchen during the remodel. Unexpected delays will happen. Set up temporary appliances, so you can survive the process.

Get advice.

Professionals, like Pasqualino Spadorcia, can also help with a plan.

Licensed contractors will have tips and skills you might not know otherwise.

Pasqualino Spadorcia knows the kitchen is the central point of any home. His company, Design Concepts Pro, offers design services so customers can make educated decisions that fit their goals.

Choose appliances and fixtures early.

Luxury finishes make your new kitchen pop. But, they can also break the bank.

Appliances and fixtures can be some of the most expensive additions. Pick them out early and include them in your budget. This will help you stay on track financially.

However, it will also keep your vision in focus. Use these choices to influence other choices like cabinets, countertops, and flooring.

Keep the same footprint.

If it’s not broken, no need to fix it.

Moving plumbing or electrical work can be expensive. When possible, try to maintain the same layout for your sink and other major appliances.

Re-purpose existing cabinets, too. If they are made from quality materials, paint or add new finishes. This can save time and labor.

Don’t cut corners.

Reuse what you can, but don’t be cheap.

Always choose quality. Function and durability are a must. This will pay dividends in the long run.

When it comes to new hardware, pick high-caliber items. Even simple touches can set your room off.

Add storage.

Space never goes out of style.

Find ways to add more storage. Cabinets that extend to the ceiling may cost more, but it’s worth it to store rarely-used or seasonal items. Mount shelves or hooks on unused walls to hang pots and pans.

Hire a contractor.

DIY sounds nice, but everyone can use some help.

Licensed contractors provide advice and suggestions during the plan phase, but they can also complete the work.

It’s better to get it right the first time than regret it later. Professional contractors, like Pasqualino Spadorcia, get the job done quickly and under budget.