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Pasqualino Spadorcia, 591 Main St, Medford, MA holds a Home Improvement Contractor license according to the Massachusetts license board. He owns and operates Design Concepts Pro Contractors. As the top business for kitchen remodeling services in Boston, MA his only mission of Design Concepts Pro Contractors is to make sure his clients have a satisfying home renovation experience. He knows that the kitchen is the central point of the house, the number one gathering place for friends and family. On top of that, his company specializes in demolition services, bathroom remodeling, Asphalt & paving, and even roofing services, and the list goes on! For 20 years, they have served as the home improvement specialists in Boston and the surrounding area. Pasqualino prides himself that his clients experience an unparalleled level of personalized customer service as he and his team work together towards the house his clients have always envisioned.

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Pasqualino Spadorcia Will Design Your Boston Kitchen Remodel
May 1, 2021

Pasqualino Spadorcia Will Design Your Boston Kitchen Remodel

Pasqualino Spadorcia is well- acquainted with Boston design elements. When you think of New England design you think of nautical elements as well as colonial themes. These style elements are present throughout the entire dwelling but take special place in the kitchen. Due to its settlement by the Shakers during pre-colonial times, Boston retains a […]

April 23, 2021

Pasqualino Spadorcia Specializes in Computer-Aided Interior Design & Modeling to Impress Clients

Computer-aided interior design and modeling is a specialization in the field of architecture. Pasqualino Spadorcia is using the practice to impress his clients by bringing their mental images into physical view. Before any contractors ever break ground on a site, the entire experience can be created digitally. This helps buyers assess a structure’s impact on […]

Why Construction Offers a Great Career Opportunity
April 6, 2021

Pasqualino Spadorcia Explains Why Construction Offers a Great Career Opportunity

Construction expert Pasqualino Spadorcia is going to talk about how promising a career in construction is. Sadly, many young people are finding that a college degree does not go as far as it used to. Fifty years ago, a college degree offered many graduates a ticket to a high-paying job. While many college grads are […]

Home Improvement Jobs to the Next Level
March 31, 2021

Pasqualino Spadorcia Takes Home Improvement Jobs to the Next Level

“Where’s the heart of your home?” This is exactly what the well-known and highly-skilled owner of Design Concepts Pro, Pasqualino Spadorcia, wants you to think about. With a specialization in kitchen remodeling, Pasqualina Spadorcia has established himself as one of Boston, MA’s, top and most elite home improvement contractors. But when it comes to kitchen […]

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